In 1980 Executive Magazine named David M. Walden, Entrepreneur of the Year. A full color spread and story on his successful corporations in film, television, real estate, accounting and insurance. He was riding the wave of success. At 28 years of age he knew nothing about employee jealousies or political positioning to make a name. He knew hard work from his grandfather and successful mentors who coached him in the business world. But his high visibility made a good story when a disgruntled employee spread rumors that were later discredited, but the damage was done.

In the early 1980’s David Walden was sentenced to prison on a technical infraction of the California Corporation Code – the first California resident to go to prison for a general intent crime!  No fraud – no missing money – Three years of negative press – 91 days of a televised jury trial and 2.4 million in legal fees he paid to prove his innocence. The final ruling by the jury was “Not Guilty” but the judge ruled on a technical issue. David’s former business attorney’s incorrectly prepared a private placement securities document. The superior court judge decided to sentence him to serve 16 months in state prison!

David appealed while serving his time in Chino State Prison. The 4th District appeals Court reviewed the case and nine months after he had served the time in prison, the Court reversed the decision. The court sent him a “Congratulations” letter! The felony was removed as if it never happened. Why did God allow this to happen? He was stripped from his family, his multi-million dollar financial corporation was wiped out, long term employees lost their jobs and his reputation was ruined. But God!

The experience in prison and his personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, (gun to head – voice from God “I love you – put the gun down” – Wipe Out – A True Story of Winning), transformed him February 5, 1983 at 11:30 in the morning. The hunger for the Word of God led him to Calvary Chapel Bible College. His love for children led him to volunteering in Mexico to care for orphans. While visiting a Tijuana orphanage, David Walden – also known as Chappy Dave learned that there was no American pastor going into this violent prison. Trusting God and his walk by faith, Chappy went to this prison. He stood outside the gate and prayed for hours and the front gate guard broke the rules and let Chappy in.

He entered “Sodom & Gomorrah” – men and women prisoners living in filth and violence and drugs and prostitution. He thought he was on a movie set! He met with an American man named Allen who educated him on the prison while Chappy shared the Gospel. He returned the following week and the same thing happened. After six visits Chappy had over fifty men and 20 women, all American citizens. The Commander of the prison noticed this “gringo” and went to him and instead of throwing him out, he took him to his office, took his picture, issued him a badge, and took him to a 20 by 30 room and told him, “You are Chaplain to the Americans.” Chappy looked to heaven and said to God, “Well, I guess you are giving me a ministry!”

The doors were opened by God and His devoted servant stepped in to one of the darkest prisons known. In 2013 Chappy and MOTE Ministries will be celebrating its 20th year inside La Mesa Prison. Hundreds of American prisoners have and continue to be ministered to, the Word of God preached, many saved and baptized, fed, clothed, connections with families, and medical attention has been provided. The four components program in La Mesa that Chappy developed made La Mesa a model prison for Baja Mexico. (1) Evangelism, (2) Discipleship (CBS Bible Study Programs) (3) Character-Moral Education (4) Job Development. This model called Christ-Centered Prison Reform has now gone into other countries. The Dominican Republic heard about Chappy’s work in La Mesa and invited him in 2007 to begin the same project in their prison system. In 2011 Puerto Rico has received Chappy and MOTE and several conferences have been conducted. Panama invited MOTE in 2012 and the two conferences with churches and government leaders was the first stage. MOTE is seeking financial partners and volunteers to assist the Christ Centered Prison Reform projects now in process.

When we began ministering at La Mesa prison the prisoners only received soup twice a day, inmates had to pay for everything, including a place to sleep, clothes, medical treatment, adequate food and water, showers, and “reasonable toilet facilities. The same conditions in La Mesa are also in Dominican Republic and Panama. The desperation inside these prisons has forced many of the inmates to turn to illegal behavior, including drugs, extortion, and prostitution to support their basic needs. This is where the Gospel of Jesus Christ works the best! The transforming power of the Holy Spirit working through His body inside these prisons brings change.

MOTE begins with prayer walks around all of the prison being served. Engaging the local churches to join this spiritual battle has been very rewarding. Prayer bombards the area being targeted and with the saint’s consistent prayers transforms prisons into what Mexico calls La Mesa a model prison. A&E Investigative Reports story on David “Chappy” Walden (see the video link on the Website) It will show you what MOTE started with and with our new video in development you will understand and want to support or join us in our expanding international prison ministry programs. 

MOTE ongoing mission ministers to these inmates weekly by providing hope through the Gospel, Bibles, Bible Studies, food, clothes, and a link to their families. Weekly services and daily devotionals are provided to scores of English and Spanish speaking inmates in several countries. 

MOTE USA Inc and Fundacion MOTE Dominicana Inc have equipped the inmate believers to carry the Gospel to other parts of the world as they are released. And on the inside at La Mesa the faithful teams each week cross the border to care for the men and yes – WOMEN leaders from the local churches like LifeBridge in Rancho Bernardo caring for scores of women in La Mesa each week! They and our Dominican Republic teams are conducting CBS Bible studies, teaching character and moral and even English classes, agricultural and carpentry to the glory of God.

Please join us in this work. Missions On The Edge is making a difference in the lives of men and women – which transforms their families and positively contributes to their communities. God is working through us mightily. To this end I labor, struggling with all His energy which so powerfully works in me.” Colossians (1:29 NIV)