PTES Students
The Practical Theology Education Series (PTES) is a Bible Diploma course created to benefit indigenous pastors and church leaders.  This series has been a collaboration of MOTE, Bethel University & University National Evangelica (UNEV).  After completion of the course, students earn a Bible Diploma in Practical Theology and Biblical Studies.  PTES equips students for church leadership roles and uses the MOTE model to create new ministry structures within the secular community.  Each student will have the capability to create and set into motion new ministries in their communities that will bring about Christ centered transformation.
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PTES is an amazing opportunity for local church leaders to be trained in God’s Word who would otherwise not be able to afford a university level education or be able to meet the academic requirements.  PTES is a scholarship based program funded by MOTE and its generous supporters.  Students are required to make minimal tuition payments and are accepted only after passing a thorough application process.
The PTES program graduated 26 students the first academic year.  20 graduated with THEOLOGY DIPLOMAS (4 with honors), and 6 graduated with Certificates!
Of the 26, 10 of these 10841223_837630516298497_1324965121_n (1)pastors qualified to begin setting up what the MOTE Organization has titled the “Mini-MOTE Ministries” in their villages!  PRAISE BE TO GOD AND for THOSE  OF  YOU  WHO  SPONSORED  ONE or MORE  of  these  VERY  THANKFUL  Leaders  who  otherwise  would  never have been able  to  attend  a Seminary or University – YOU  MADE  IT  POSSIBLE.

FullSizeRender In addition, the P.T.E.S program was so well accepted that it made national news and the Director of the university wants to continue the program, praise to God. Through the success of this program, the university commissioned me as an Honorary Professor for their university. This will open more doors for the Gospel and for equipping the poorest pastors who are serving the poor to reach more people with the transforming power of the Gospel.

We rejoice over all that God has done and look forward to seeing the work of God continue in each of these students churches and communities.