sandeeSandee is a native of California, born at the Long Beach Naval Base, CA to a lifetime Marine father and hero and a wonderful committed mother!  As the oldest child of a military family her focus was kept on discipline and steadfastness, which of course God knew and used a life time later as she became a full time missionary with her wonderful pastor/professor husband, Dr. David “Chappy” Dave.
Sandee-shopping-DR-markets-300x2201After college Sandee entered the workplace.  In 1985 she met and married David Walden.  Her 45 years of work incorporated escrow and banking yet her heart led her to Social Services where she wanted to “make a difference” in people’s lives.  She worked within this social structure for 20 years. 
After David became an ordained pastor, and obtaining his Master’s and Doctorate degrees God directed them to establish, Ministry on the Edge, MOTE, a non-profit mission organization in 1994.  MOTE is currently in 5 countries and is in its 20th year.  In 2009, Sandee and her husband moved to the Dominican Republic for 4 years as full time missionaries.  They are now located on the island of Puerto Rico where they oversee their international ministries.
Being the full time partner and co-worker with her husband in their international ministries, mentoring young adults, and being active in Bible teaching churches, her passion for animals and their rescue has led her to another focus which will be to work with Veterans, especially focusing on dog therapy. 

Life is never dull and “retirement” isn’t a word she acknowledges!  “Here am I send me” is her motto!