What began as a vision from local pastors in the Poway area became a reality in the early ‘90’s.  Since then MOTE has been managing the Faith Based Homework Clubs over the years. 
The Homework Club is a free program at no cost to the tax payer or participants.  The Christ centered character based program has proved itself to be successful in mentoring Christ like character in elementary school children and providing them with academic tutoring and of course having lots of fun together!
The Homework Club is currently operating at Valley Elementary School in the Poway Unified School District and services around 70 children before school and 130 children after school.  These children were selected from the neediest at Valley Elementary.  The program is led by Director Itziar Haumschilt, along with 7 staff members and countless volunteers from community groups, local high schools, and church groups.  The homework club could not be as successful as it is today without the help of so many people ready and willing to serve these precious children.