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             La Mesa Penitentiary – Tijuana, Mexico

     For over 10 years now our small team has been going into the women’s prison in Tijuana, Mexico.  We bring the truth of God’s Word to women inmates who have struggled in life.  We are an English speaking church that meets once a week.  As we bring them the gospel, God’s plan of salvation, we also disciple the women though Bible study, prayer, counsel and the love of Jesus.  We sing God’s praises together as well as listen and rejoice as they share testimonies of what God is doing in their lives.  Many have received Christ as their LORD and Savior.  It is exciting when they share how God has answered their prayers.  We provide them with Bibles, devotionals, and homework to guide them to and through the Word in between weekly church meetings. 

     We recently held our first baptism and are seeing lives transformed.  These women are sharing with their cellmates all they are learning.  We are able to provide for them Bible study materials in Spanish so that language is not a barrier.  They are inviting every English speaking inmate they come in contact with to church.  They are encouragers and witnesses to the love of God and His plan for each of us.

     We have assisted those who want help assimilating back into life on the outside.  Currently, two of our women have been released and they are living transformed lives.  They are reconciled with their families, have gotten legal jobs and want more than anything to not go back to their former lives.  They communicate with some of their former cellmates and church mates telling them they too can have these victories.  They want us to tell them that IT IS POSSIBLE to not go back to their former ways.

     We also assist our ladies by making calls for them to their families, getting needed medications for them, we provide Christian based reading materials, deposit monies received from their families and hold 4 celebration parties for them a year.

     Inmates who are also mothers are learning how to teach their children about Jesus, though letter writing, phone calls and family visits.

     We have watched the hardest hearts soften as the Word and Power of our LORD penetrates their hearts.  Sometimes this takes well over a year but God is faithfully working in each woman.  The joy of the LORD reigns in this ministry.  We are blessed to participate as God works miracles right before our eyes.  To Him be all the honor and glory and praise.

     We would appreciate your prayers for this ministry and if you are inclined to support us financially that would be quite a blessing and so helpful.


Serving joyfully,

Cathy Rugg & Laurie Williams/ Co-leaders