Dominican Republic

Since 2007

Dr. Chappy began in 2007 faciliting leadership conferences where he cast vision to recruit and train local church leaders and government officials. MOTE's four-part prison education series that was developed in Mexico was shared with the attendee's at the conferences. The success of the progams with the approval of the government is why MOTE has grown into nine prisons in the Dominican Republic. MOTE's success has spread to Puerto Rico, Panama, Chile and is a blueprint for future countries to implement MOTE's prison reform program.

Since 2007 MOTE has reached more than an estimated 22,000 men and women and the ministry continues to grow.

Join Dr. Chappy on a short term mission Trip into these prisons and experience the power of the Gospel that transforms lives.

Prisons Served

  • La Victoria
  • Moca
  • La Vega
  • Najayo
  • Santiago
  • Romano
  • Seibo
  • Monte Plata
  • Santo Domingo
  • Juvenile Prison
  • Ban Mujeres